Reservations in XML

The service returns xml-descriptions where one section <Reservation/> corresponds to one reservation list version (RLV). All of your wishes are included into this xml-service.
RLVs of te new format started to appear in our system on March, 15th at the midday (12:00:00 AM).
Usage: the request that could be used to obtain all RLVs, which have been created during the period from <dt1> to <dt2>, where <dt1> and <dt2> are timestamps that match '' mask.


NOTE: If the given diapason is longer than 1 week the response contains an error message instead of RLVs.
<Wishes> - is a new tag in booking menu, which is made for tourists' additional wishes. If there are no additional wishes from tourists, this tag won't be displayed.


RLV confirmation request:<rlv_id>&task=SetAccomodationStatus&status=confirmed
RLV rejection request:<rlv_id>&task=SetAccomodationStatus&status=regret
where rlv_id - is 18-digit identificator (ID) of RLV which you can get via service Reservations in XML.

Service response contains reservation confirmation/rejection status and short status description.