Biblio-Globus Tour Operator JSON price list API

1. API access

1.1. Getting login and password for authorisation

If you don't have your login and password to access our Biblio-Globus Tour Operator system, you should contact our Agency Relations Department:
Alexander Lyubimov - 1448 internal phone number

1.2. Authorisation with services

Authorisation process: if on each API request shows up 401 error, you should ask for fresh COOKIEs with names A1, Z1, L by sending POST request to with POST parameters login and pwd. Use COOKIE A1, Z1, L values in future service requests. COOKIE Z1 value changes/refreshes on each next service request - accept and indicate it into next request.

1.3. Data compress

Into each request provide Accept-Encoding: gzip header, otherwise 406 error will be shown on response.

2. Request and synchronisation of references

To be able to do request to price list, other additional filters and parameters extensions, at first, you should request country lists, city and resort lists, hotel lists and accommodation types lists.

To request lists follow these URLs: Country list City and resort lists Hotel lists. When on request you provide id parameter, hotel information returns only referred to specified id Accommodation types lists

Example response to country lists, city and resort lists, hotel lists and accommodation types lists request:

100510397178#100568421754#100510397261#100510397299#100510397348", "alpha3":"THA", "tours":"Да" }, ... ]


id - object identifier in Biblio-Globus system

Request attributes:

For countries title_ru – country name in Russian
title_en – country name in English
code – country code
town_from - id list of departure cities in selected country (divided by #)
alpha3 - three-letter country code
tours - is a attribute, which means that there are available tours to this country (in this case parameter’s value is “Да”)
site_cur - country currency in Biblio-Globus system
For cities and resorts title_ru – city name in Russian
title_en – city name in English
country – country id of this city
airports – this attribute sets when there is an airport in selected city
ap_name – airport name in English
code – iata airport code
For accommodation types name – accommodation type name
name_full – full accommodation type name
AD_number – amount of adults in room
CHD_number – amount of children in room
infnum – amount of infants in room

Example response of hotel lists:

    <hotel key="102631286815" name="HOLIDAY INN DUBAI AL BARSHA" stars="4" countryKey="100410510097" cityKey="100510535941" />
    <hotel key="102632934142" name="ORCHID." stars="5" countryKey="100410009918" cityKey="100531910942" />


hotel — hotel block
hotel / key — hotel id
hotel / name — hotel name
hotel / stars — hotel star rating
hotel / countryKey — hotel country id
hotel / cityKey — hotel city id
hotel / inPr - attribute that shows available hotel prices (prices value 0 - no, 1 - yes). This attribute is specified only at GET parameter request by &id=<id of a hotel >. If there is no id specified, return only hotels, which have inPr value = 1.

2.1. Currency rates to rubles requests

For currency rates request follow this link:

Example response:

    <rate code="EUR" value="46.81" />
    <rate code="USD" value="34.54" />
        <rate code="EUR" value="13958"/>
        <rate code="USD" value="10231"/>
        <rate code="RUR" value="285"  />
        <rate code="EUR" value="16.52" />
        <rate code="USD" value="12.18" />

Elements inside blocks <BYR> and <UAH> contain currency rates from Russian ruble to Belarusian ruble and from Russian ruble to Ukrainian hryvnia. Other elements show other currencies to ruble.

3. Available price list requests in JSON

3.1. Price lists request

Main Biblio-Globus tours price lists id divided to smaller price lists. Each price list has route, departure city, available duration dates and departure date attributes. JSON request price list can have fixed destinations (countries) and departure cities.

Example request:


100410000049 — is Cyprus identifier from countries lists
100510000863 — is Moscow identifier from cities lists

Example JSON response:

            "route":"Туры на Кипр <b>Трансаэро (аэропорт Пафос \/ Ларнака)<\b>",
            "url":"ТУРЫ НА КИПРflt2=100510000863&id_price=121132934133&data=23.08.2014&xml=11",
        }, ...


date — departure date
route — price list route and airline name
duration — tour duration in price lists
url — a link to JSON request
stop — presence of this element meat that this tour is in stop-list стоп-листе.
minprice — minimal non-zero price from price list for one person with accommodation type "2 взрослых"("2 AD") 2 adults
minindex — equation of min_price of current price list to minimal min_price from all price list from the request
cur — price list currency
imp — a flag (1/0); with value 1 are marked prior Biblio-Globus price lists

3.2. Price lists and cities(resorts) dependency request

3.3. Departure cities and tour destination countries request

3.4. Flight transfers and stop sale request

4. Selected Biblio-Globus prices request

4.1. Parameters expand and price lists filters request

4.2. Detailed price lists information request

4.2.1. Information about flight transfers

4.2.2. Information about transfers

4.2.3. Information about excursions and additional services

5. Special Biblio-Globus offers request

To get a list of hot special offers, request an XML file for selected departure city

Example link:


100510000863 – is an identifier of Moscow city from city list

Example response:

        <tourname>ТУРЫ НА КИПР</tourname>
  </entry> ...


country / id — country identifier
country / name — country name
city — departure city identifier
aircompany — airline name
cost / amount — cost in currency
cost / valute — currency code
duration — tour duration
date — flight departure date
tourname — price list route name
url — URL to price list

6. Special Biblio-Globus offers request with instant confirmation

Special offers list are stored in auto generated files. They are available from the link{flt2}-124331253701.js


flt2 – is a departure city/resort identifier in Biblio-Globus system

Example request:

Example response:

        "data" : "09.07.2014",
        "URL" : "",
        "hotelTown" : "Мармарис",
        "hotelPic" : "",
        "cntryName" : "Турция",
        "hotelURL" : "",
        "hotelId" : "102625929987",
        "hotelName" : "Gold Kaya Hotel 3*",
        "meal" : "BB",
        "dur" : "2, 4, 6, 7",
        "amount" : "173",
        "val" : "USD",
        "RUR" : "6124"
    }, ...


data — departure date
URL — search URL, where you can find special offers. it includes selected
hotelTown — resort name
hotelPic — a link to a hotel picture
cntryName — tour country name
hotelURL — an URL to the hotel
hotelId — hotel identifier in Biblio-Globus system
hotelName — hotel name
meal — meal type in hotel
dur — duration lists, divided by comma (,)
amount — lowest cost in currency for least duration
val — tour currency
RUR — lowest cost in rubles for least duration
ok — (IMPORTANT VALUE) if this field appears and has value 0, then this special offer has instant confirmation

7. Charter flights price search request

A search request returns charter flights price for indicated persons amount and their ages.

Example request url:


vr0 — amount of adults
vr1 — amount of kids
vr2 — amount of infants
idfrom — departure city id in Biblio-Globus system or an departure airport IATA code
idto — arrival city id or an arrival airport IATA code
datefrom — departure date YYYY-MM-DD
dateto — arrival date YYYY-MM-DD. If there is a one way flight, this field is missed
class — flight class. Y - economy class, C - business class
cur — currency. Is an optional parameter. By default are RUB (rubles). All possible currencies are RUB, EUR, USD.

Example response:

    "prx": "104499999900000071",
    "offers": [{
        "price": 4446,
        "nodes": ["FV550320170303", "FV550420170310"]
    "nodes": {
        "FV550320170303": {
            "ac": "FV",
            "fn": "5503",
            "dep": {
                "d": "03.03.2017",
                "t": "16:10:00",
                "n": "VKO"
            "arr": {
                "d": "03.03.2017",
                "t": "18:50:00",
                "n": "AER"
        "FV550420170310": {
            "ac": "FV",
            "fn": "5504",
            "dep": {
                "d": "10.03.2017",
                "t": "20:05:00",
                "n": "AER"
            "arr": {
                "d": "10.03.2017",
                "t": "22:40:00",
                "n": "VKO"


prx — session identifier
nodes — flight descriptions, that are included in price. Each node has unique name, which is been used to describe price
ac — airline code
fn — flight number
dep — departure point description
d — departure date DD.MM.YYYY
t — departure time HH:MM:SS или HH:MM
n — airport IATA code
arr — arrival point description. structure is the same as in "dep"
offers — price list for flight combination
price — responded price same as set in the request. Integer number variable
nodes — flights list, which have prices. node names are taken from "nodes" field